Powerful donation processing meets extreme flexibility

8 December 2013

Fresh off the heels of our launch of the new white-label product suite, we’re pleased to release some major functionality that makes our donation technology both the most powerful and flexible solution around.

Information is King

Knowing who has supported your organisation, why and whether they’re interested to engage with you in other ways is critical to keeping your ongoing communication efforts and fundraising strategies effective.

To that end, Believe.in’s checkout can now be sculpted to enable you to solicit as much or as little information and on-going participation as you’d like. You can now add:

  • Tick boxes (opt-in, or opt-out)
  • Text fields (required, or optional)
  • and Drop-downs (with up to 10 choices)

at will and without any technical expertise.


Whether you’d like to ask donors to choose a specific program to give toward from a drop-down list, or would like to collect donors’ Twitter handles to thank them via social media, having a customisable checkout means total flexibility in the face of new internal strategies, programs and initiatives.

As before, your dashboard works to store and present all data captured quickly and intuitively, giving you a realtime overview of your donation history and performance. We’ll neatly file away any new data that’s captured from the tick boxes, text fields and drop-downs you add and you can download the data you need for integration with your existing CRM solution whenever you like.


Supporting both the journey and the destination

From the first “Hello,” to the “Thanks for donating,” to the “Here’s what’s next,” the experience your supporters have and the journey they take toward becoming actively engaged with your organisation is critical to get right. Here’s how we help…

Donation boxes
Donation boxes are pre-set donation amounts that inform donors what their donation will go toward. See some in action here.


Not only do these help relate a donation amount to a more tangible outcome for would-be supporters, but they also drive increased conversion and greater donation sums! Configuring up to three single and three monthly donation boxes is as easy as logging into your dashboard, entering in an appropriate donation amount, snappy messaging and uploading an image.


You can change your donation boxes at any time. Whether you’d like to increase the sums seasonally, or in line with new projects, simply make any edits as needed and your donation page will instantly adapt.

We also help say “Thank you!” after someone donates by firing off an acknowledgement on your behalf within seconds. Emails are specific to donation types, too, meaning we’ll send one kind of email for single donations, another for a monthly donation and yet another for a donation to a fundraiser, or a campaign.


Just like other parts of Believe.in, emails can be customised and their content edited to read however is most appropriate. Once customised, we’ll automatically deliver this in a format that reads nicely on phones, tablets and desktops and even add in your logo and chosen theme colour! 


Re-directs post donation
Leaving donors stranded on an uninspiring, or dead “Thank you!” page after they’ve donated is a no-go! This also misses out on an opportunity to introduce your supporters to timely content, or further calls to action that could bring them closer to your organisation. To that end, it’s now possible to specify where to send donors automatically after they’ve donated successfully.


As ever, we like to get granular, so have added in the extra flexibility necessary to allow you to send a single donor to page X, while sending a monthly donor to page Y and a donor to a fundraiser to page Z.

This is totally up to you! You could point all donors to the same page, or even lean on our existing “Thank you!” page, which works to prompt donors to spread the word through their existing social channels.


Background images

It might sound trivial, but we like to sweat the small stuff - especially when this drives improved conversion. Adding big, beautiful images to your checkout certainly does. 

Check out how Big Issue are already taking advantage of this.

Even MORE goodies

Credit card fees
We now allow donors to opt-in to covering the credit card fees associated with processing your donation.



For those already tracking site activity with Google Analytics, you can now add your own Google Analytics tracking ID. We also support the addition of custom code.  

Multi device support
As ever, all things work beautifully on phones, tablets and desktop, so customise away without the fear of breaking how this gets presented to your supporters!

Get started today
Interested to start using Believe.in to power donations on your site? Say hello, explore our other tools, or dive in - it’s free to get going.

Believe.in goes global with new white-label suite

18 November 2013

Today’s a big day for the Believe.in team. We’ve just pushed the button on going global, releasing a new white-label suite of tools to the US, Canada, Ireland, UK and Australia. This also sees our infrastructure and payment processing power extend to support 2.3 million non-profits around the world!


Believe.in’s white-label suite

Our new white-label suite enables non-profits to fully brand, customise and integrate

directly into their websites. Designed to work gracefully on all devices and built from the ground-up for the social web, non-profits can start using Believe.in’s out-of-the-box technology instantly and without any upfront set-up or licensing fees.


Our CEO, Matthias says “In a sector where charities are challenged by the cost and technical risk of creating and maintaining compelling, optimised and functional online touch-points for audiences and find that the technology available to them is either too costly, or stuck in the 1980s, we think there’s a better way. We create innovative, effective and affordable solutions for charities to keep them at the digital forefront, while also de-risking the prospect of bringing technology into the heart of their organisations. Designed for social and to work elegantly on all devices, we deliver our tools to charities and their audiences instantly through the cloud. Charities can fully customise and brand these tools, too helping maintain seamless experiences for digital supporters.”


In addition to what non-profit supporters will see, our solution introduces real-time efficiencies to non-profits behind the curtains, enabling these to track performance across donation drives, marketing efforts and ongoing donor outreach through data analytics dashboards and extractable data. Further, teams in non-profits can do all this irrespective of their device choice, helping support the trend toward multi-device usage and mobile working.

Believe.in’s Social Network

Our social network, a separate platform in the UK powered by similar technology and helps individuals discover, connect with and fundraise for over 186,000 UK charities without fees is, excitingly, now a charity itself! Have a look here https://believein.org.uk

The Future for Believe.in

As before, we are working hard to make Believe.in’s technology ubiquitous across the non-profit landscape. Our intention is to help power non-profits digitally wherever they are and intend to be with remarkable cloud-based services.

It’s always a big day when a UK tech start-up ventures beyond its shores. We’re especially thrilled to be among the first to bring disruptive technology to a sector that needs it, a sector committed to changing the world for the better.

Be mobile: why you need to be accessible on the go

17 October 2013

Mobile technology is changing the way that donors and non-profits engage with each other – increasingly donors are accessing information about you and donating via their smartphones and tablets. 

The growth of mobile

The use of mobile internet is on the up. As more people have internet-ready devices, along with more of their lives moving online, it becomes a vitally important way to connect with potential donors. In fact, in the past year the percentage of web traffic coming from mobile has almost doubled. As the graph below shows:


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New Believe.in design and introducing tiles!

1 October 2013

Hello world and welcome to Tiles - a massive upgrade and complete re-design of our interface that makes it even easier for individuals to dive into the world of doing good and for non-profits to engage with and connect better with audiences.

Whilst the old pages provided a great chronological update of all things happening on Believe.in, we found it needed a re-think, particularly as it creaked and groaned under the strain of more and more updates. We also took the time to dream lightyears into the future and imagine how those moving parts might best be accommodated within one intelligent and cohesive design language and format.

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Video and your non-profit

22 September 2013

Video is a valuable tool to help your non-profit generate interest and tell potential donors more about you.

A Google study found that an incredible 80% of donors surveyed used video to find out more about non-profits, and 57% said that they contributed to a charity after watching their video online.

–Something to aim for? The winner of the DoGooder video awards

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Six hours a week to be a social media ace

12 September 2013

Getting started in social media can be quite intimidating but it’s actually a lot simpler than you might imagine. With 231.7 million active users each month on Twitter, and 1.19 billion active monthly users on Facebook, the potential reach is huge.

Social Media - 6 hours a week is all it takes

Recent research into the social media habits of businesses have given some interesting insights. The study found that the benefits of social media were noticeable after only 6 hours of engagement a week.

Of course this doesn’t require one six-hour burst, in fact it’s best if it’s spread out. Six hours, for those of you playing at home, is just over an hour a day (1 hour 12 min, to be precise).

  • 20 minutes first thing in the morning (croissant and cup of tea optional) responding and engaging.
  • 20 minutes just before lunch sending out information (the best time to send out as most people use social media in their lunch hour).
  • 15 minutes after lunch to see if there’d been engagement with what you sent out.
  • 20 minutes just before you leave the office to catch up and sign off.

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Believe.in leads the tech revolution for volunteering

30 August 2013


As you may have heard we have been announced as partners in the winning bid to take control of the volunteering website Do-it, currently owned and run by online charity YouthNet.

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ProServices launched

29 August 2013

Today we’re announcing the launch of our first series of tools for not-for-profits called ProServices!


With no contracts, or setup fees, our two new ProServices - ProCampaigns & ProDonations are now easily subscribed to for those in the UK at prices ranging from free to enterprise in size.

By spreading functionality across a variety of bite-sized tools like this, we offer not-for-profits ultimate flexibility to pick and choose those tools needed most, rather than charging big, clunky ‘all-inclusive’ fees for non-essentials.

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Who’s on social media? More people than you might think

27 August 2013

Social networks are a diverse place

The latest research suggests that the majority of online adults are already using social media. It’s not even a close cut thing - 72% of adults who use the internet are on social networks. And this number is increasing year on year. It looks like social networking is here to stay.

This uptake is happening across all age ranges - six out of ten internet users aged between 50 and 64 use social networks, and 43% of those ages 65 and older are too! These key donor demographics are there ready for you to start engaging with them.

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Believe.in widgets for charities

20 August 2013

Today we’re pushing out widgets for charities, our answer to the many inbound requests we’ve had asking whether there are simple ways to marry our technology with charities’ existing websites and, in particular, help augment how charities accept donations online.

But before we show you what our beautiful collection of widgets look like, lets remind ourselves just how difficult setting up payments on your website can be - even today!

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