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Maximising donations and email signups through intelligent design

Product - June 10, 2014


A huge 71% of donors opt-in to receiving future updates from non-profits using’s single step checkout. This represents an opt-in rate 10x higher than the industry standard and helps non-profits not only capture the data they need, but also rapidly expand their pool of those they can build relationships with and solicit donations from in the future.

Our latest data also shows that 64% of donors choose to cover the transaction fees as well, making use of the cover-the-card-fee technology we pioneered and recently launched to our customers in 5 markets. Representing an effective rate below 0.5%, offers the lowest credit card processing fees around - powered by donors!’s products are designed leveraging both a combination of behavioural science research our team runs in parallel with our existing product development and the latest user experience design methodologies. If you’re interested to try, try our free product today.

Going direct: now supports Direct Debit donations

Product - May 22, 2014


Did you know?

It is estimated that nearly £3 billion pounds will be donated by Direct Debit in the UK alone (ThinkTank, 2012)

That Direct Debit provides nearly a third of total charity donations (Charity Aid Foundation, 2012)

And that the most common amount donated monthly was £12 (Payments Council)

That’s why we’re excited to launch Direct Debit support as of today.

Why is this brilliant?

Whether you want to convert visitors to your website into regular direct debit donors, or want to upgrade your current solution to capture more data and work on phones, give a spin for free. You’ll be up and running in seconds.

Mobile payments and the responsive web ahead

Insights - March 8, 2014

To say that the surge of mobile internet usage has been staggering over the past several years would be to state the obvious. What’s less explored is its impact on mobile payments and, by proxy, potential implications for mobile giving. 


(Source: Statistica)

To start, here is a shortlist of interesting, need-to-know factoids that set the mood for the landscape ahead:

And the knock on effects for non-profits, too will be immense. Audiences increasingly accustomed to making payments on phones, will avoid supporting those who don’t accommodate their device choice, while others will reap numerous benefits:

With the opportunity to become multi-device centric becoming increasingly necessary and with only 16% of non-profits taking advantage of the shifting landscape, the opportunity for your non-profit to get ahead of the curve is now.

Fortunately, we’ve built all of our fundraising technology to be instantly accessible on multiple devices, meaning you can now forego the cost of implementing a mobile centric digital strategy and building a responsive website by using our technology for free.

Donations are looking up for 2014!

Insights - February 13, 2014


Good news! All the latest figures on philanthropy all point towards a huge surge in philanthropic activity for the year ahead.

In the US

Latest figures from 558 colleges and universities in the U.S. indicate that charitable giving is up 0.8 percent in the three months ending April 2014 as compared to the same period in 2013. 

In the UK

UK universities are also seeing similar figures. Charitable donations for them reached an all-time high last year with institutions reporting more than £659 million in cash donations, a 23 percent increase over donations received the year before. 

Online philanthropy

Overall the latest numbers from the Blackbaud index, which tracks the giving to 3200 organisations, suggest that total giving is up 1.3% on the same time last year. Importantly, though online giving is up by nearly 4 times at 8%. 

Powerful donation processing meets extreme flexibility

Product - December 8, 2013

Fresh off the heels of our launch of the new white-label product suite, we’re pleased to release some major functionality that makes our donation technology both the most powerful and flexible solution around.

Information is King: Knowing who has supported your organisation, why and whether they’re interested to engage with you in other ways is critical to keeping your ongoing communication efforts and fundraising strategies effective.

To that end,’s checkout can now be sculpted to enable you to solicit as much or as little information and on-going participation as you’d like. You can now add:

  • Tick boxes (opt-in, or opt-out)
  • Text fields (required, or optional)
  • and Drop-downs (with up to 10 choices)

at will and without any technical expertise.

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Be mobile: why you need to be accessible on the go

Tech - October 17, 2013

Mobile technology is changing the way that donors and non-profits engage with each other – increasingly donors are accessing information about you and donating via their smartphones and tablets. 

The growth of mobile

The use of mobile internet is on the up. As more people have internet-ready devices, along with more of their lives moving online, it becomes a vitally important way to connect with potential donors. In fact, in the past year the percentage of web traffic coming from mobile has almost doubled. As the graph below shows:


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New design and introducing tiles!

Design - October 1, 2013

Hello world and welcome to Tiles - a massive upgrade and complete re-design of our interface that makes it even easier for individuals to dive into the world of doing good and for non-profits to engage with and connect better with audiences.

Whilst the old pages provided a great chronological update of all things happening on, we found it needed a re-think, particularly as it creaked and groaned under the strain of more and more updates. We also took the time to dream lightyears into the future and imagine how those moving parts might best be accommodated within one intelligent and cohesive design language and format.

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